What great weather !  Riders & horses were all in form.  Kathleen Raine's horse provided some animation as he spooked in front of the VIP tents.  Fortunately it was after their test!  Should be a very good turnout tomorrow since it's the final day.  Some curiosity seekers may also come out thanks to Stephen Colbert's video spoof on Ann Romney's mare, Rafalca, who had her best score of the Trials so far with Jan Ebeling aboard who appeared to be over the moon afterwards.  Ya, I bet!  Eastern PA's Todd Flettrich is close behind by only a fraction of a percentage.  And then there's Tina Konyot on Calecto V.  She is one of the more artistic riders coming from a circus family spanning 5 generations. She rode brilliantly with the highest score of the day.  When I first started with the USEF back in 1998, Tina was touring Europe with her then mount, Justice and was one of our 'regular customers' entering into many foreign CDIs.  So nice to see her doing this well. Check out her website and photos of her growing up living & breathing horses. http://www.tinakonyotdressage.com/HTML/about.htm

Overall Standings after the Grand Prix - Friday morning June 15, 2012

 Peters, Steffen - Legolas

 Konyot, Tina - Calecto

 Ebeling, Jan - Rafalca

 Flettrich, Todd - Otto

 Lyle, Adrienne - Wizard

 Blitz, Heather - Paragon

Seidel, Guenter -  Fandango

St Jacques, Pierre -  Lucky Tiger

Blinks, Susan - Robin Hood

Harding, Shawna Come On III

Raine, Kathleen Breanna

Koford, Jim Rhett

Sammis, Lauren Sagacious HF