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During the past few years, the Eastern PA area has experienced some extreme storms that left many communities without power for days at a time. If your PA horse property is in an area that is affected by hurricanes or snowstorms, you may want to consider installing a generator. When power lines are downed by winds or ice, a generator can save you and your family from sitting around in the dark and cold waiting for the power company to save the day. Generators are an especially important consideration for owners of horse properties that are serviced by wells - a power outage can mean no water for you and your animals for days at a time.

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So, where do you start when considering installing a generator? 

There are two main types of generators: portable and standby. A portable generator is just what it sounds like: a small, portable device that you must hook up each time you need to use it. Portable generators run on gas, and individual appliances must be plugged directly into the generator. If power outages are infrequent in your area and you only need to power a few items at a time (for example, a refrigerator and sump pump) a portable generator can be an economical choice. Prices start at around $500, and can go up to about $1,500 depending on the size and wattage of the generator. You'll have to make sure the generator has adequate fuel for the duration of its usage, but on the other hand, you won't need to hire an electrician to install it.

Standby generators are a much larger investment, and one that can increase the value of your PA horse property. A standby generator runs on natural gas or propane, and if you don't already have one of these fuel lines on your property, you will have to install a propane tank as well to fuel your generator. You'll also have to have an electrician install the generator, as it hooks directly into your home's main circuit panel. Once your standby generator is installed, it will turn on as soon as the power goes out. These generators have a much larger capacity than portable ones, and can power your whole home or barn, including a well pump. However, installing a standby generator will cost you a pretty penny: anywhere from $5,000 - $15,000, so choose wisely.

If you are looking for a way to make power outages more bearable, or add value to your PA horse property, consider installing a back-up generator.

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Our extensive knowledge of the eastern PA horse properties for sale market allows us to guide our clients intelligently. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest, we have one mission – to provide you with exceptional customer service throughout the entire transaction. We assist buyers and sellers within the following eastern Pennsylvania counties:

For sellers, we also offer property evaluations and have acquired the knowledge over the years of how to effectively perform an accurate market analysis of PA horse farms for sale, general farms and PA back yard horse properties. Please give us a call today or fill out our online contact form and let us know how we can best assist you with your eastern PA horse property real estate needs!

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Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm will hold its 24th Annual Old Time Christmas with tours on December 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th from 3:00PM until 7:00PM.  There will be old Christmas customs brought to life with tours of the 1800's farm.

Guides dressed in 1800's era clothing will lead guests on a glowing lantern lit tour of the past.  It will start out at the bonfire, from where guests will visit a Victorian family busy preparing for Christmas.  There you will also see the Christmas Putz, a homemade nativity and village scene, which was a custom that began with the Moravians and later adopted by the Pennsylvania Germans.

From there, you will see a living Nativity that includes the farm animals.  From there it is off to the log cabin where another family will enjoy Christmas.  The one-room schoolhouse will have Christmas caroling with musicians and a school marm leading the singing of the carols.

At the original farmhouse, the Belshnikel (a Pennsylvania German equivalent of Santa), will be there for the children to meet.

At the end of the tour at the Engel Educational building, complimentary festive refreshments will be available. 

Handmade crafts will be available for purchase at the gift shop.

This is a great way to see personally see how Old Time Christmas festivities were prepared and held in the 19th Century.

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The Christmas season is now truly upon us, and there are so many things to see and do. One of my favorites is the carriage ride through Bethlehem, Pennsylvania's Christmas City.

Views of the Moravian history and architecture can be seen as you ride the horse- drawn carriage down Bethlehem's cobblestone historic streets. See the famous Hotel Bethlehem, Moravian book shop, all the other small shops as well as the brightly lit Christmas lights and decorations.

It is soothing and relaxing riding in the carriage listening to the clip-clop of the horse's hooves on the pavement while touring the Christmas City. If it is a chilly evening, just wrap yourself up in a blanket and just enjoy the sights.

 Bethlehem, PA horse-drawn carriage ride would be a nice break to your Christmas shopping to relax and enjoy. This is a must to include as one of your Christmas activities.



The cold weather has moved in here in Eastern PA, and while you may be spending more time indoors, the creatures that live near your home could be looking for comfort in your house, too! Animals and insects seek shelter in man-made structures like barns, sheds, garages, and houses, and they can be a real nuisance for PA homeowners. Mice and squirrels can chew through piping and wires, and termites can cause destruction in wooden beams, walls, and floors. Here are some actions you can take to prevent infestation:

Clean Up The Exterior of Your PA Horse Farm

Keep your landscaping trimmed neatly and away from buildings. Shrubs, vines, or trees that touch roofs or walls can encourage insects to make themselves a home in your PA horse farm’s house or barn. Tree limbs dangling over your roof can also introduce squirrels into vents or chimneys.

Carefully inspect the outside of your home and barns – mice, squirrels, and even raccoons can gain entry to buildings through holes so small it’s hard to believe these animals fit through! Patch up any holes securely.

Check Windows and Doors  

Inside your home, take a close look at windows, doors, and vents. Any space that isn’t airtight can act like a welcome mat for bugs, so be sure that all doors and windows fit securely with no gaps.

Keep trash away from your home and barn, and make sure all cans and dumpsters are secured tightly. Keep horse feed stored in mouse-proof bins or trashcans, and sweep up any spilled grain. Piles of loose hay or straw in the barn can also attract mice and encourage them to make their nests in your barn, so keep things tidy! A barn cat with a good hunting track record can also make a big difference in the mouse population on your PA horse farm.

Call In The Pest Professionals

If your home or barn has already been infiltrated, there are steps you can take to kick out any freeloaders. Mice, ants, and other bugs can easily be dispatched with traps or pesticides. There are also several non-lethal products on the market that will repel rodents from your home – from devices that emit a super-sonic noise that deters pests to granules or packets that emit a smell that’s unpleasant to animals. These are good choices if you need to ensure the safety of your own pets and livestock.

However, if larger animals like possums or raccoons have gotten into your home or barn, or if you find that your house is infested with termites or bedbugs, you need to call in the professionals. Depending on your particular issue, an exterminator or an animal control officer will need to be called when the problem is above and beyond the average ant or mouse infestation.

By taking preventative measures, you can help keep insects and rodents out of your Eastern PA home this winter.



Eastern PA Horse Property Specialists – Call Us Today! ( 610) 849-1790

Our extensive knowledge of the eastern PA horse property market allows us to guide our clients intelligently. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest, we have one mission – to provide you with exceptional customer service throughout the entire transaction. We assist buyers and sellers within the following eastern Pennsylvania counties:

For sellers, we also offer property evaluations and have acquired the knowledge over the years of how to effectively perform an accurate market analysis of horse & general farms & back yard horse properties. Please give us a call today or fill out our online contact form and let us know how we can best assist you with your eastern PA horse property real estate needs!

Cindy Stys, Broker/owner

The Premier Equine Realty Firm Serving Eastern PA

Tel.: 610-849-1790 720 Smith Hill Rd Stroudsburg, PA 18360



If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for the horse lover in your life, the beautiful 2015 "Horses of Chester County" calendar is just the thing. Photographed by local equine photographer Ginny Jenkins, this calendar features beautiful full-color photos of horses in Chester County, PA. In addition to being chock-full of lovely horse photos, this calendar also features information on local shows and equine events in Eastern PA. It's the perfect tool for helping to plan next year's show season. And if you keep your horses in Chester County, you might even see a familiar face on the pages of this calendar.

 Sales Benefit LAPS of PA

A portion of online calendar sales will be donated to LAPS of PA - the Large Animal Protection Society. LAPS is an organization that has the authority to investigate animal cruelty complaints and prosecute offenders in Chester, Lancaster, and Delaware Counties. They can take action in cases involving horses, sheep, llamas, alpacas, goats, and pigs where local small-animal-only SPCA's cannot.

Ginny Jenkins - Chester County, PA Photographer

 Ginny Jenkins is a professional photographer specializing in pet and equine photography.  She strives to capture the personality and essence of her subjects, and enjoys photographing pets and their people.

At only $14.99, this calendar makes a great stocking-stuffer or gift for your barn friends. You can either order the calendar online at: http://www.ginnyjenkins.com or find it at the following retailers:

 Byrum's Shoe Service - Malvern, PA

CCAA Art Gallery at the Exton Square Mall - Exton, PA

Fenceworks - West Chester, PA

Tender Touch Gifts - Coatesville, PA

Village Hardware - Guthriesville, PA 

Unionville Saddle Shop - Unionville, PA

Outback Trading Company Outlet - Oxford, PA

Pughtown Agway - Pottstown, PA

Gap Tack - Gap, PA

Chester County Book Company - West Chester, PA

Rick's Heritage Saddlery - West Chester, PA 



Today is Veterans Day. This is a day for all of us to remember the heroes that risked, and even lost, their lives fighting for us and for our liberties. Not only have humans served our country, but also horses. Many horses have risked their lives and many have lost their lives helping the military in various situations. Without the help of horses, we may not have won many of the battles that have been fought over the years.


Take the time today to remember the fallen heroes, both human and animal. If you know of anyone currently serving in the military or any veteran, reach out and say thank you. Show them that they are appreciated for what they have done or are doing for our country.  

 Horse Swimming


In Eastern PA, facilities with equine swimming pools and spas are hard to come by, but these tools can be invaluable when it comes to conditioning sport horses or helping horses rehabilitate from surgery or injury.


Wingate Farms in Wind Gap, PA houses both an equine pool and a cold salt-water horse spa, and horse owners can make appointments to take advantage of both therapies, or board their horses at Wingate for lay-up or rehabilitation.


Wingate Farms’ equine spa uses cold salt hydrotherapy to treat and prevent lower leg injuries in horses. The horse is led into a chamber which is filled with salt water that measures a chilly 35 degrees. The cold, aerated salt water reduces swelling and inflammation in the legs. This can be an effective treatment for injury, or used as a preventative measure following exercise.


Horses recovering from injury or that need to build fitness can also benefit from swimming in Wingate Farms’ equine pool. Because swimming is an impact-free form of exercise, it can help build muscle, stamina, and cardiovascular strength without wear and tear on the joints.


If you are interested in using the equine pool or spa at Wingate Farms, contact Carina for more information: 610-653-6772

Fair Hill Int'l 


In nearby Elkton, MD, you can witness some of the best eventing riders in the country compete this weekend at the Fair Hill International event. Beginning on Thursday October 16, over 100 horse and rider pairs will compete in the CCI** and CCI*** - two international-level divisions of the sport of eventing. No matter which day you decide to come spectate, you’ll be able to watch exciting equestrian competition and enjoy shopping at the many vendors that will be in attendance.


There will also be several special events at this year’s Fair Hill, including dog agility, a miniature horse demo, a falconry demonstration, live music, and a display of classic cars. Tailgating spots are available for those who would like to be right in the midst of the action, and VIP tent memberships will also be on sale.


If you really want to be a part of an international-level event, you can also volunteer at Fair Hill. From jump judges to dressage scribes, volunteers are needed to help the event run smoothly.


For more information, directions, to reserve a tailgating spot, or sign up to volunteer, visit the Fair Hill International website: www.fairhillinternational.com 




Unfortunately, not every horse in Eastern PA is well cared-for. Some horses fall into terrible situations, and the lucky ones are rescued by kindhearted people.


It can be hard to imagine that an emaciated, neglected animal can have a future as a riding horse, but with time, knowledge, and patience, rescue horses can and do transform into healthy, willing partners.


A Home For Every Horse – an organization that strives to rescue horses from neglect and abuse and find them caring homes – is hosting a unique event this fall that will highlight the incredible transformation of several rescue horses.


The Equine Comeback Challenge will be held at the prestigious Pennsylvania National Horse show on October 14, 2014. 10 trainers and 10 rescue horses will gather in Harrisburg, PA on that evening to show just how far a rescue horse can come in just 90 days. Many of the horses have been brought back from starvation and neglect, and all of them have gained a new lease on life through the trainers that have worked with them over the past few months.  A Home For Every Horse hopes that the Equine Comeback Challenge will show the public that rescue horses can make wonderful athletes and riding partners. To learn more, visit the Home For Every Horse website: www.ahomeforeveryhorse.com

Most homebuyers in Pennsylvania need to take out a mortgage in order to purchase a home. While it’s a common process, applying for a mortgage can also be complicated and frustrating. Here are a few tips to help you avoid pitfalls and make the mortgage application process a smooth one.


Get Pre-Approved Before Shopping: If you don’t know how much you can afford, buying a horse property in PA is a LOT more difficult! Before you start to look at homes, get in touch with a mortgage lender and get pre-approved for a loan. This will give you a good idea of how much a mortgage will cost you, as well as how much house you’ll be able to afford. Many real estate agents, and some sellers, require a pre-approval before viewing a property.


Get Your Debt Under Control: Mortgage lenders will take a good hard look at your debt when you apply for a mortgage. If you’re carrying a lot of debt, be sure to pay it down before starting the search for a horse property, and delay any big-ticket purchases until after closing day.


Manage Your Credit: Get a credit report run, and know your credit score. If there’s a mistake, you can dispute it. If your credit score just needs improvement, you can take steps to bring it up before starting the mortgage application process.


Keep Things Stable: Lenders like to see consistency and stability in their applicants. The best time to apply for a loan is at a time when you have held your current job for at least a couple years, and it’s wise to wait to change careers until after you’ve secured your mortgage.


If You’re Buying A Farm, Go With A Farm-Friendly Lender: Lastly, your chances of getting a loan to pay for the purchase of a horse property in PA or other agricultural real estate are better when you use a lender that is well-versed in providing mortgages for these types of properties. Cindy Stys Equestrian & Country Properties, Ltd. can provide you with a list of quality lenders who are experts in horse and agricultural properties.


Applying for a mortgage may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be a cause of major stress when buying a horse farm in PA. Keep your finances in check, get pre-approved, and use a lender familiar with farms to make the mortgage application process smooth sailing. 



When you put your home on the market, you may be reluctant to make repairs or improvements. After all – you’re going to be selling it, why put more money into a house you’ll soon be leaving? But investing some time and money into your home not only makes it more appealing to buyers, it can actually increase the price of your property. Here are a few things you can do that don’t cost a lot compared to the increase in value they’ll provide:


Clean & De-Clutter: This is the simplest, and least expensive, improvement you can make to your home when putting it up for sale. Remove clutter and “stuff” from furniture and countertops, organize your closets, and do a thorough cleaning of every surface in your home. If you have rugs or carpets, get them shampooed or steam cleaned.


Paint the Interior: Painting the interior of your home gives it a fresh, clean look, and using neutral colors can help prospective buyers envision themselves living in your home.


Landscaping: Curb appeal is so, so important when selling your home! The exterior of your yard and house is the first thing buyers will see, so it’s essential to make a good first impression. Keep your lawn mowed, clean up sticks and leaves, and put fresh mulch and new plants in flowerbeds.


Repairing Electrical & Plumbing Problems: If there are known issues with the electrical or plumbing systems in your house, it’s wise to have them repaired when your home goes on the market. This can vastly increase the value of your home.


Staging Your Home: Enlisting the help of a real estate professional to stage your home is a wise investment. They’ll know just how to arrange furniture, which personal items to remove, and which accents to add to make your home look picture perfect.


In the grand scheme of things, these repairs and improvements aren’t all that expensive, and can dramatically increase the value of your home. A little investment up-front can net you significant gains at closing time.

Jimmy Wofford 

The United States Equestrian Team (USET) Headquarters at Gladstone, NJ has long been a mecca for riders of all disciplines. Next month, October 11 and 12, former USET rider Jimmy Wofford will be teaching a clinic there based on his latest book, "Modern Gymnastics."  Riders will be progressively taken through several gymnastic exercises from Wofford's book over the two-day clinic, with the sessions appropriately tailored for the training level of both horses and riders.

The clinic is open to riders of all disciplines - hunters, jumpers, and eventers - who want to learn to improve themselves and their horses through gymnastic jumping. There will be three height sections: 2'6", 3', and 3'6", so riders of every level can participate. Mr. Wofford will also host a Q&A session each morning at 8am, and auditors are very welcome. A portion of the proceeds of the clinic will be donated to the USET Foundation, an organization that helps fund our international-level equestrian teams.

 To learn more about Jimmy Wofford, visit his website: http://jimwofford.blogspot.com/ 

 For more information about the clinic, or to register, contact Vicky Sroka:  srokas1@verizon.net or, jonesie@logansbrook.com

On September 23-28, 2014, the best dressage riders in the country will converge in Devon, Pennsylvania for the annual Dressage at Devon horse show. Dressage horses of all ages from foals to Grand Prix veterans will compete in the legendary Dixon Oval.


The beautiful fall weather in Eastern PA will be the perfect backdrop for this top-quality horse show. Spectators will enjoy in-hand breed classes as well as performance classes, and can even get a behind-the-scenes perspective from a dressage expert by renting a special headset that will allow them to hear commentary during the competition.  Musical freestyle performances will be a part of the show as well, which are always a spectator favorite. And of course, there will be an excellent variety of vendors to shop at, as well as Devon’s legendary concessions.


Dressage at Devon has been an instillation for Chester County equestrians since 1975. The show has benefitted the Children’sHospital of Philadelphia, as well as Thorncroft Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Inc, and continues to be a much-loved autumn tradition for area horse lovers. It is also the largest international-level dressage show in the United States.


For more information on Dressage at Devon, or to purchase tickets, visit the website here: http://dressageatdevon.org/cms2/



The 2014 Normandy World Equestrian Games have come to a close, and American horses and riders have some new hardware to show off for their great efforts over the past two weeks.


In Showjumping, favorite Beezie Madden ended the individual competition in third place, coming home with a bronze medal, a great follow-up to the team bronze medal won earlier in the week.


While the Eventers didn’t bring home any medals, Chester County resident Boyd Martin finished in 8th place overall, making him the highest-placed US event rider at WEG.


The Dressage team was just out of the medals with a fourth-place team finish and top-placed individual rider Laura Graves coming in a respectable 5th. British superstar Charlotte Dujardin and her mount Valegro took gold medal honors with a final score of an unheard-of 92.16% in the freestyle!


The Americans put up quite a fight in the Driving competition, coming in 4th place as a team with veteran driver Chester Weber of NJ scoring the silver medal in the individual competition.


The Endurance competition took its toll on our US team, with only one rider, Jeremy Olson, completing the course.


In the unique sport of Vaulting, our largely California-based team put in a valiant effort and finished in 7th place overall.


It was in the Reining competition that the USA really shone, sweeping the podium with a gold-medal team finish and also claiming the gold, silver, and bronze in the individual competition!


And finally, the Para-Dressage team put in some solid tests with scores in the 60’s but unfortunately came home without a medal.


Congratulations to all riders, drivers, and vaulters who competed in this year’s WEG.

It’s been a great week for the United States Showjumping team at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France. The team triumphed over a very difficult track to claim the bronze medal, just behind silver-medal winning France and gold-medal winning Netherlands.


The American team consisted of veteran riders McLain Ward, Beezie Madden, and Kent Farrington, and newcomer Lucy Davis. Madden is currently the top-ranked individual in the competition, and the individual rounds will be ridden this weekend, with medals awarded on Sunday.


Congratulations and best of luck to our showjumping riders in the individual competition this weekend!

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