Thanks to universalsports.comwe can watch the World Cup Final in Las Vegas in real time and yesterday's Grand Prix dressage was as good as it gets (at least for one of the US riders). Steffen Peters on Ravel, won the class - the first time an American won a leg of the dressage final on US soil (by 4 points no less). What a joy to watch their flawless test!  I always heard that the zig zags were extremely difficult and Robert Dover, who was doing the commentary, said most of the previous combinations couldn't nail them down but Steffen and Ravel did them perfectly. It really was quite spectacular - what precision and harmony. 

At my job at the USEF I have had the pleasure of working with Steffen several times with making his entries into international competitions in Europe.  He is quite reserved and uncomplicated.  At the WEG in Aachen 2006 I went on my own dime but because I played a role with the accreditation and entries I got a pass and was able to hang out with the staff and riders.  One afternoon I ended up at the rider hotel and was standing outside when Steffen noticed me standing there and offered me a ride to the show grounds, clearly where he and Shannon, his wife, were headed.  This was a few hours before the musical freestyle and he (riding Floriano) was our only hope for a possible medal so you can imagine the stress he must have been under.  Yet he still offered me a ride.