We visited the Swiss National Stud in Avenches last week since it's only 15 minutes from my in-laws.   It was my 3rd visit but first time there without a horse show or expo going on.  At the entrance, there is a stand with huge bags of carrots and a sign which says "Self Service - 10 Swiss Francs per bag".   I thought this was rather charming and had to take a photo.
It was a gorgeous day to have a stroll around the permanent stabling area where the stallions are kept. Formerly used by the military it's a larger complex than I had thought with many stalls flanked by a nice outdoor arena (about the 6th one I had seen on the premises).  All the arenas have world class footing.  A nice discovery was the indoor arena built in 1912 reminiscent of Saumur. There were several other buildings dedicated to reproduction and education. My last equestrian related visit to Europe was in 2006 for the World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany where I had the opportunity to take a side trip to Warendorf, home of the German National Equestrian Federation and state stud.  Years ago when working for the FEI in Switzerland I went to Saumur for the CCI*** and had a tour of France's national facility filled with hundreds of years of rich riding history.  I also had the privilege of seeing Spain and Portugal's National Studs over the past years. They are all splendid in their own way.

SELF SERVICE BAGS OF CARROTS - 10 Swiss Francs per bag