PA governor Tom Corbett plans to take $72 million from the Race Horse Development Fund every year for the next 3 years. This action poses a serious threat to not only the racing industry, but to the equine industry as a whole all across Pennsylvania. Trainers, jockeys, veterinarians, grooms, feed manufacturers, breeders, and other support personnel stand to lose their jobs if the governor goes through with his plan.

In a stand against the cut, the Pennsylvania Equine Coalition has produced a video featuring many racing and equine industry professionals. Cindy Stys, Broker/owner of Cindy Stys Equestrian Properties, is featured in a segment of the video, and explains how this budget cut will affect not only the racing industry, but the preservation of Pennsylvania's open space, as fewer breeders will be interested in purchasing farms in this area due to decreased purses for race winners. The video will be presented to state legislators in an effort to put a stop to the potential devastation the horse racing community is facing.

The video can be viewed here:

If you are interested in joining the effort to save Pennsylvania Horse Racing, please contact your representatives and let them know how important it is to maintain funding for the racing industry.