It's been a fantastic Games for home team Great Britain, who this morning captured their second team gold medal in Dressage, a spot usually held by sliver-medal-winning Germany. The Netherlands, as is expected, secured the bronze. The United States, despite solid rides from each team member, landed in 6th pace. The competition in dressage is probably the most difficult out of all of the three Olympic equestrian disciplines, and the U.S. has struggled for years to gain a foothold against powerhouse nations like Germany and the Netherlands. All things considered, our team did the best they could.

Steffen Peters and Ravel qualified to compete for an individual medal, and performed a lovely freestyle test this morning which scored a 77.286%, an excellent score but no match for the incredible over-80% scores earned by the other riders, including a phenomenal 90.089% earned by Britain's Charlotte Dujardin, winner of the individual gold medal. Adelaide Corelissen put in a stunning freestyle which secured her the silver medal, and British dressage phenom Laura Bechtolsheimer won the bronze. Peters placed 17th overall.  

Full Results Below:

This concludes the equestrian competition at this year's Olympic Games. All three U.S. teams are coming home empty-handed, and while some incredible performances were given, luck seemed to be against us in London. A heavy feeling of disappointment for America's equestrian fans leaves us with a bit of a bitter taste in our mouth following the 2012 Games. Where does the sport of equestrian in our country go from here? Both eventing coach Captain Mark Phillips and show jumping coach George Morris are retiring, leaving their sports in the hands of the very capable David O'Connor and Robert Ridland, respectively. Perhaps injecting some new blood into the system will produce more wins. The leadership in dressage, however, will remain the same, but it's clear that some changes need to be made in the program to help our riders become more competitive on an international stage. Only time will tell if the United States will rise once again to the top of international equestrian sport!