ELCR Fights To Preserve Land For Horses

Along the East Coast of the United States, open land has been disappearing at a rapid rate. According to the Equine Land Conservation Resource, space for horses is vanishing as fast as 6,000 acres per day. The situation may seem hopeless, but ELCR is encouraging equestrians to get involved in land conservation, because it isn't too late!

Riders, farm owners, and farmers can take steps to preserve open spaces from encroaching development. By getting involved with local zoning officials and and becoming active in the community, equestrians can make their needs known to officials when it comes to town planning and zoning.

ELCR acts as an educational resource and support system for those who are making an effort to save open land for horses. The group plans on holding a series of seminars focusing on the East Coast over the next six months to a year. Those who attend the seminars can get information on how to work with local authorities to preserve open land, as well as using environmental best practices. For more information on ELCR and for seminar dates and locations, visit their website: www.elcr.org