Horse women are known to be tougher than average, and Israeli dressage trainer and mother of four Yael Ram-Matzpon certainly proved it when a terrorist broke into her home in Sde Avraham to attack her and her children.

Late one night while her children slept, she found herself face to face with a knife-wielding intruder. The man had every intent to murder Yael and her family, and would have succeeded if not for Yael's quick thinking, level-headedness, and bravery. Even as the terrorist slashed at her with a knife, she fought back with everything she had; punching, kicking, scratching and pummeling her attacker. When the would-be murderer began throwing things at her, she took the opportunity to lead her children safely to another room, and then returned to beat the man into the bathroom with a large metal bell, the same one used to signal the start of a dressage test. Yael barricaded him into the bathroom where the man escaped out the window, unwilling to come face to face with the fierce equestrian a second time. Because of her amazing courage, Yael and her children were saved from a terrible fate.

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