I had the pleasure of going to the Pocono Rodeo at Memorytown, Mt Pocono
this past Saturday night, which was the last edition of the summer-long
series. The highlight was the bull riding, and friends I was with told me
the bulls seemed feistier than the bulls that were there in June. Guess
the riding got better, or perhaps the crowd wanted to see more action.
Standing out from the typical 20 something year old bull riding cowboys was
a rather attractive gal with long blond hair who managed to stay on her
bull for the 8 seconds that qualifies your ride. My friends were quick to
point out that it's easier to stay on a bull bucking in a straight line
like hers did as opposed to one that whips its body around while bucking
in tight circles. It was still an impressive ride nonetheless!  My goal
when riding is like most riders: to stay safely on top of their mounts -
in this extreme sport though the mindset is obviously altogether different
- I guess that's a good thing otherwise there would be no reason to rodeo!



Watch a video of the action here! http://youtu.be/mvComZ_0cPo