The options are seemingly endless when shopping for horses in PA. Do you buy from a trainer, breeder, dealer, or auction?


Riders with plenty of experience who want an athletic, versatile partner might opt to purchase a Thoroughbred racehorse from off the track. These horses are intelligent, trainable, and able to compete in any discipline. While they do require careful training to learn a new job, off-track Thoroughbreds (OTTB’s) make wonderful riding horses after their racing careers are over.


If an OTTB from a Pennsylvania racetrack is on your radar, the folks at CANTER can help you find the perfect one!


CANTER stands for the Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses. This program started as a way to connect Thoroughbred trainers with prospective buyers in an effort to help ex-racehorses find new homes. Today the website serves as a successful hub for those who want to sell OTTB’s to good homes, and those who are looking for their next horse.


If you’re shopping for an OTTB in PA, make the CANTER website your first stop! The website lists dozens of horses available for sale, from seasoned racers to horses who just didn’t make the cut. If what you’re looking for isn’t advertised on the PA site, check out the Mid-Atlantic pages too. Whether you are looking for a mare, gelding, or stallion, a show hosre or a trail buddy, you’re likely to find the PA horse you’re looking for on CANTER.