In our beautiful state, we can get quite a bit of rain! While rain may put a damper on your riding plans, it can also save you money and help the environment by making your PA horse farm a much ‘greener’ place. Using rainwater to water your garden, wash your horses, or give your livestock a drink can save gallons of tap water!


Harvesting rainwater can be as simple as setting up your gutters to drain into a barrel. A good rain barrel is opaque and has a tight-fitting top and screened pipes to avoid the growth of parasitic larvae like mosquitoes. Once the water is collected in the barrel, it can be used for just about anything you can think of, though water should be filtered and sanitized before horses or humans take a drink.


Sophisticated systems are also available, and you can outfit your PA horse farm with a rainwater harvesting system for anywhere from $1,500 for a simple set-up, to $20,000 for a complex one with filters and a UV sterilizer. These systems can completely replace a well or municipal water line.


Whatever method you choose, using rainwater instead of tap water can make a big dent in your water and electric bills, and makes your PA horse farm environmentally friendly. If you’re interested in collecting rain on your PA horse property, contact a local contractor to learn about your options.