Last summer Monroe County, PA became home to the Pocono Rodeo making the dreams of local bull riders come true each Saturday night at Memory Town, in Mt Pocono.  One of my friend’s husband decided to get an adrenaline rush and ride a bull at 60+ years of age no less without any practice during the competition!  Thankfully he managed to have a more than respectable ride and got bucked off without incident.  He was flying high for several months after that stunt.


Having the pleasure of meeting the co-founder and organizer, Shawn Zrowka  recently on a real estate appointment I decided it was time to make my way to the local rodeo once again to see what this summer’s edition had to offer.   Last year’s rodeo had already proven itself as a successful event that was here to stay. The 2014 series though was definitely ramped up with the addition of team roping, calf wrangling and other fun exhibitions in between the bull riding and barrel racing classes.  The current music was very fitting for the NY/NJ audience.   




The rodeo invested an impressive monetary figure in purchasing bulls which had toured with the PBR.  They were down right feisty this year not showing any mercy to the contenders.  One of the riders had shattered his pelvis a few weeks ago during the competition. We witnessed the “nastiest” bull owned by the rodeo charging a few of the ring crew members and dislocating the shoulder of one unfortunate Pennsylvania cowboy.



Shawn’s bio is quite unique.  He left home at age 17 after his father had passed away.  He headed west wanting to be a bull rider since the young age of 15 years.  After spending 13 years, 8 of which were on the bull riding circuit, Shawn decided to head back to PA to start a new life.  That was 5 years ago.  Hooking up with a local investor who purchased Memory Town a few years ago Shawn took his drive, business savvy and 13 year rodeo experience and poured it into this young rodeo which from all indications is here to stay. 


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