If you own a PA horse farm, it’s likely that you also own some valuable tack and equipment. There has been a rash of tack thefts lately, but there are things you can do to help prevent your tack from being stolen.


One of the simplest ways to prevent theft is to lock up your gear! Install locks on tack room doors, tack trunks, and lockers, and be sure to lock everything up when you leave the barn. If you keep gear in your trailer, be sure to lock your trailer doors as well.


Installing motion-activated lights can also be a good deterrent against thieves, and a security system adapted for barn use is a good option for those willing to spare no expense.


Another, more basic, security measure is simply to own a dog. Your barn buddy doesn’t need to be a vicious guard dog – any dog who is attentive to strangers and has a loud bark can act as an excellent theft prevention system.


Do you have any other creative ways to help keep your tack and equipment from being stolen?