Jimmy Wofford 

The United States Equestrian Team (USET) Headquarters at Gladstone, NJ has long been a mecca for riders of all disciplines. Next month, October 11 and 12, former USET rider Jimmy Wofford will be teaching a clinic there based on his latest book, "Modern Gymnastics."  Riders will be progressively taken through several gymnastic exercises from Wofford's book over the two-day clinic, with the sessions appropriately tailored for the training level of both horses and riders.

The clinic is open to riders of all disciplines - hunters, jumpers, and eventers - who want to learn to improve themselves and their horses through gymnastic jumping. There will be three height sections: 2'6", 3', and 3'6", so riders of every level can participate. Mr. Wofford will also host a Q&A session each morning at 8am, and auditors are very welcome. A portion of the proceeds of the clinic will be donated to the USET Foundation, an organization that helps fund our international-level equestrian teams.

 To learn more about Jimmy Wofford, visit his website: http://jimwofford.blogspot.com/ 

 For more information about the clinic, or to register, contact Vicky Sroka:  srokas1@verizon.net or, jonesie@logansbrook.com