Horse Swimming


In Eastern PA, facilities with equine swimming pools and spas are hard to come by, but these tools can be invaluable when it comes to conditioning sport horses or helping horses rehabilitate from surgery or injury.


Wingate Farms in Wind Gap, PA houses both an equine pool and a cold salt-water horse spa, and horse owners can make appointments to take advantage of both therapies, or board their horses at Wingate for lay-up or rehabilitation.


Wingate Farms’ equine spa uses cold salt hydrotherapy to treat and prevent lower leg injuries in horses. The horse is led into a chamber which is filled with salt water that measures a chilly 35 degrees. The cold, aerated salt water reduces swelling and inflammation in the legs. This can be an effective treatment for injury, or used as a preventative measure following exercise.


Horses recovering from injury or that need to build fitness can also benefit from swimming in Wingate Farms’ equine pool. Because swimming is an impact-free form of exercise, it can help build muscle, stamina, and cardiovascular strength without wear and tear on the joints.


If you are interested in using the equine pool or spa at Wingate Farms, contact Carina for more information: 610-653-6772