As shocking as it may be, not everyone appreciates horses! A big part of owning a PA horse farm is being a good neighbor to surrounding property owners. That means making living next to your equine friends a pleasant thing instead of a headache. Especially if your neighbors are close to your barn, you'll want to take time to make sure that your horses aren't causing any kind of disturbance to others. This kind of consideration goes a long way to helping preserve our equestrian community and open spaces!

Maintaining your fencelines is important not only for the safety of your horses, but also for keeping shared property lines neat and tidy. Keep fences in good repair and be sure to mow and weedwhack along fences, keeping areas that face your neighbors cleanly mowed. Be sure that all of your horse fencing is intact and secure - few things turn people off of horses more than a loose horse in their garden.

Manure management is also critical in maintaining good relationships with your neighbors. Even if they are ‘horse people', most neighbors object to a large, smelly, out-of-control manure pile. Not only is a large manure pile unsightly and malodorous, it also attracts flies to the area, which are annoying no matter which side of the fence you're on. Be sure you are composting your manure properly in an out-of-the-way spot, or having it removed by a manure removal company on a regular basis.

As with all relationships, communication with your non-horsey neighbors is key. Keep in touch and be aware of how your horse keeping affects those around you.  Be considerate of your neighbors, and you'll be the most well-liked farm owner in your neighborhood!

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